You posted your resume, your application was impeccable and now that you have caught the attention of your employer, they want to know you better. Of course, it is true that your potential employer would not be aware that you are engaged in your favorite cartoon show. But, that does not mean you can take the phone interview for granted.

One single moment that shows you lack confidence and there is a chance that you might lose the chance of making it into the next round. During a phone interview, a candidate needs to work harder and perform even better to show his skills of being more capable, efficient, personable and above all, the perfect candidate for the post.

Let’s go through the phone interview tips in order perform better in a telephonic round:

  1. It Is As Serious As A Personal Interview
    As this is an interview, you should treat it like one. Make sure you are completely ready for it. You have well-rested, freshened and active. Do not give the impression to your interviewer that they have interrupted in the middle of something or woken you up.
    If you have an interview you better set aside sometime before the interview actually begins in order to prep for it. Take bath, have a cup of coffee, get freshened, wear a good attire.
    I am comfortable in my pyjamas.
    No! That is just an illusion. You need to get dressed properly to feel fresh and energetic. Don’t be lazy, you would realize how effective it is after the telephonic round is over.
  2. Cut Off All Mode of Distractions
    Switch off the TV or radio, for they can easily distract you. You cannot just mute them and expect to focus 100%. One can easily say that you are distracted by the way you carry on a conversation.
    If you are home with family or guests, let them know that you would be busy for some time so that they do not disturb you.
    Keep your dogs and kids far away. Find a corner in your house that is silent to sit down, keep your prep materials close to make sure they are at easy access.
  3. It Is Better To Do Some Research Before The Interview
    The real challenge is, you might have applied to multiple companies and it is too hard to remember them. So it is always helpful to do some research about the employer you are talking to, both in terms of business and professional standpoint.
    Double check the post description you have applied for, including the company’s profile and how can you contribute to the company’s growth.
    Although you can find the information on Facebook and LinkedIn, do not send them a friend request; in fact, it is not a fair idea to add them afterwards either. Use the social media in order to dig out information as much as you can.
  4. Be A Good Listener Rather Instead Of Dominating The Conversation
    As this is an interview, it is obvious that you would be questioned and you should treat it like a great opportunity to prove that you are a good listener too. But at the same time, don’t just be a listener, be at speaking as well.
    The idea is not to dominate the conversation but being good at listening too. You can question the interviewer without changing it to a one-sided monologue. This shows that you are interested in the company and the position you have applied for.
  5. Prepare Your Own Cheat Sheet
    Do not just ask random questions to show your interest. It is the ‘right’ questions that help you build a good rapport. The right questions not only make it decisive for you whether to choose the job but also gives you a clarity that you are qualified for the job or not.
  6. Send A Thank You Email After The Interview
    This is the most important step to give a happening end to an interview. This stage is all about making a good first impression. Ending the phone call on a good note is not the only solution but following up in a timely manner also counts.
    Make the interviewer feel appreciated with your kind gesture. Thank them for making time for you, you enjoyed the process and invested wholeheartedly.

So, there you go. If you follow these steps you could almost guarantee success and be able to make it to the next round.
After sending the thank you note, you can chill and reward yourself for handling the interview so well. Now that you are confident that you have made it halfway, you can go back and switch on your favorite show.


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